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The best crossbow under 500 dollars are for archery lovers who want top-rated crossbows without having to spend a huge fortune.  You may have noticed that modern day crossbows can sometimes cost thousands of dollars!

Best crossbow under 500 dollars

These Top 3 crossbows will all be under 500 dollars while maintaining their top-of-the-line crossbow standards.

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TOP 3 - Best Crossbow Under $500

Crossbow:Excalibur GRZ 2
Excalibur Matrix GRZ 2
Barnett Hunter 2
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II
Lady Ranger
Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger
Price Rating:

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Star Rating:5 star ace of bows archery5 star ace of bows archery5 star ace of bows archery
FPS:305 FPS350 FPS300 FPS
Draw Weight:200 LBS150 LBS150 LBS
Power Stroke:11.2"12.5"10.9"
Width:30.5" UC, 26.5" C18.25" UC, 16.125" C22.6" UC, 19.9" C
Weight:5.5 LBS6.4 LBS5.9 LBS
Pros:Powerful and very light recurve crossbow.Best budget crossbow under 500 dollars.Great safety features for new learners.
Cons:Manual safety.May need to update scope.One color option.
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Excalibur Matrix GRZ 2

Draw Weight:200 LBS
Power Stroke:11.2"
Width:30.5" UC, 26.5" C
Weight:5.5 LBS

If you love the traditional design of recurve crossbows, consider the highly rated Excaliber Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow!

Their legendary Matrix recurve technology along with the lightweight design will provide you with constant precision shots while being at an incredibly light 5.5 pounds!  You’ll know exactly what I mean once you’re holding it and target practicing on the archery range.

Excalibur matrix grz 2 scope

Don’t worry about the draw weight being 200 lbs if you feel that may be too heavy to pull. Owners of the GRZ 2 have had an effortless time using the rope cocking device that comes provided.

Read our Archery Workout Guide to help increase your draw strength!

The set up takes no time at all and after calibrating the Fixed-Power Scope, you will be ready and amazed at just how accurate the Excalibur truly is

You will also have no problems keeping the crossbow cocked for long hours at a time. Just remember to make sure it is safely un-cocked when putting it in storage!

Excalibur matrix grz 2 camo

It’s important to keep in mind the manual safety feature of the Matrix GRZ 2.  Cocking the bow requires manually switching the safety off then re-engaging it once cocked.  Always keep the safety on until you are ready to fire!

You can genuinely appreciate the design and tech put into this crossbow while maintaining this price range.  The whole package includes an arrow quiver, three 18″ bolts, three field points for the bolts, and a rope cocking aid.

Excalibur matrix grz 2 back

When it comes to high-grade recurve crossbows at an affordable price, the Excalibur Matrix GRZ 2 Crossbow is without a doubt the best crossbow under 500 dollars on the market!



Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Draw Weight:150 LBS
Power Stroke:12.5"
Width:18.25" UC, 16.125" C
Weight:6.4 LBS

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II is a great addition to any crossbow collection.  This compound crossbow is also perfect for beginners to learn from and grow with due to its safety, usability, and pure crossbow power!

barnett whitetail hunter II view

Apart from the affordable price, adjustable stock, and compact profile of this crossbow, another great feature is how silent it is!  The composite limbs and fixed string dampeners make this one of the quieter crossbows on the market.

Many people have no problem cocking the the bow using the rope cocking aid, but also know the Whitetail Hunter II is compatible with a crank cocking device if you prefer using that instead.

barnett whitetail hunter II safety

Safety is a top priority with the Whitetail Hunter II crossbow, accommodating both left and right handed users with access to the safety switch on both sides.  There are safety wings above the pass-through foregrip for added finger safety.  The bow also has built-in anti dry firing and the trigger requires 3 pounds of force before activating.

The full package comes with a multi-reticle 4×32 scope, rope cocking device, two 20 inch bolts, arrow quiver and wax.  It takes about five minutes to set up as it comes already mostly assembled.

barnett whitetail hunter II tree

I would personally consider the Whitetail Hunter II the best crossbow under 500 dollars purely due to its price while still bringing outstanding performance!

Best Crossbow Under $500 #crossbow



Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

Draw Weight:150 LBS
Power Stroke:10.9"
Width:22.6" UC, 19.9" C
Weight:5.9 LBS

The Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow by Tenpoint is the perfect present for a young beginner archer and also for anyone’s collection of unique crossbows!  Don’t be surprised when you start noticing how much attention the pink camo can attract!

Wicked Ridge crossbows were actually designed in mind for smaller-framed individuals who may struggle with pulling crossbows with heavier draw-weights.

One of these design features is Tenpoint’s signature Acu Draw system built directly onto the crossbow stock.  This allows you to effortlessly re-cock the bow using the cranking mechanism.  Of course, you can always use a standard rope cocking aid for quicker set up.

Wicked ridge lady ranger device

Safety is a very important priority with the Lady Ranger crossbow.  It has every safety feature a standard modern crossbow would need and you will notice caution signs painted directly onto important parts of the bow.  The nylon glass safety wings above the foregrip also makes it look stylish while performing a practical purpose of protecting your fingers.

The full package comes with a 3x Multi-Line scope, a rope-cocking aid, three 18″ bolts, a 3-arrow crossbow quiver, and also the built-in Acu Draw cocking device.

Wicked ridge lady ranger pic

You may think this crossbow is only for children or beginners, but once you take it out for practice, you’ll soon know that the Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger crossbow will constantly give outstanding performance, being top of its class, and making it a great contender for the best crossbow under 500 dollars!



Excalibur Matrix GRZ 2

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

Conclusion To: Best Crossbow Under 500 Dollars

Keep in mind the other parts you may need like a stringing aid to replace recurve bowstrings or a bow press for compound crossbows, just in case.

Wicked ridge lady ranger pic

Owning a crossbow doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  But of course, you shouldn’t always go for the cheapest bow on sale!  When it comes to the perfect middle ground in affordability and quality, pick the best crossbow under 500 dollars!