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Did you know there are bow sights with rangefinder capabilities?  A lot of us love using sights on our bows, it enhances our focus & accuracy and there are many cool sights out there today!  But many archers don’t know that some sights come with a rangefinder!

Moder Bow Sights With Rangefinder Capabilities

We’ll go over two popular bow sights with built-in rangefinders and two options you can use with your very own favorite bow sight!

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Recommended Bow Sights With Rangefinder

Sight Model:Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight c
Garmin Xero A1
IQ Bowsights Define c
IQ Define
Leupold Vendetta 2 c
Leupold Vendetta 2
Bresser Ambition c
Bresser Ambition
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Star Rating:5 star ace of bows archery4 star ace of bows archery4 star ace of bows archery4 star ace of bows archery
Max Range:300 Yards99 Yards70 Yards100 Yards
Pros:Holographic bow sight that automatically adjusts to your perfect pin.Rangefinder displayed right next to the fixed pins.Compact design with a high-quality rangefinder.Best budget bow-mounted rangefinder on the market.
Cons:High price range.No IQ retina lock technology.Shortest range distance.No adjustable activation button.
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Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight

Model: Garmin Xero A1
Range: 300 Yards

The Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight may seem intimidating at first, with all of the technological features, but similar to learning the inner-workings of a compound bow, you can just as easily learn how this modern bow sight works.

A unique feature that almost everyone loves about the Garmin Xero A1 is the automatic LED pin that appears in the sight window, giving you the perfect fixed pin position after activating the rangefinder button.

These LED pins along with the large sight window gives you an unobstructed view of your target that physical pins cannot imitate.

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The silent rangefinder button can be placed anywhere you prefer onto your riser.  It is most often placed in front of the handle where your index finger can easily trigger it.  Others may prefer attaching to where their thumb presses the button.


The process for ranging your target is quick and simple.  At full draw while aiming towards your target, pressing the button once will automatically give you the range and the correct pin with a ranging reticle allowing you to align it perfectly.

You can even customize the bow sight to make a number of fixed pins appear if you prefer.

Make sure to watch this quick tutorial video on all of the available options and adjustments that are possible with the Garmin Xero A1.  Also, the owner’s manual can be found here.  These bow sights require 2 AAA batteries giving it 1 year of battery life.



IQ Define Bow Sight

Model: IQ Define
Range: 99 Yards

Some of you may prefer the IQ Define Bow Sight because of its 5 fiber-optic fixed pins visible within the sight window.

The rangefinder’s digital display screen is set right next to the fixed pins so you can view the exact range without needing to move your vision, keeping you secured within your peep sight and window.  

You can also adjust the brightness of the pins if needed.

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Using the rangefinder is similar to how you activate the Garmin, with a wired button attached to your riser.  Activating the IQ Define is just as simple.  Pressing the button once turns it on.  The second press begins the scanning process up to 99 yards. IQ define bow sight ace Many archers that have practiced with fixed-pinned bow sights will be pleased to know how natural the IQ Define Bow Sight will feel while also improving your ability to judge distances.
Modern Bow Sights With Rangefinder Capabilities - Archery Reviews Bow Sights With Rangefinder Built-in.  Modern Archery Innovation!
You can view the owner’s manual of the IQ Define Bow Sight here.  The manual is quick and helpful, going over all of the specs with clear illustrations and providing simple installation & alignment instructions.



Leupold Vendetta 2 Rangefinder

Model: Leupold Vendetta 2
Range: 70 Yards

As cool as bow sights with built-in rangefinders may look, some people prefer using their own personal bow sight, especially if they have practiced with it for a long time.

The Leupold Vendetta 2 Bow-Mounted Laser Rangefinder is the perfect piece of archery gear just for that.

It has a compact design that can fit snug against your bow’s riser without getting in the way of even your larger bow sights.

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Similar to the previous two bow sights with rangefinder capabilities, the Vendetta 2 lets you place the ranging button anywhere on your bow’s riser.  It is also activated when your bow & arrow is in full draw.

The rangefinder is simple to operate.  Pressing it once will give you an instant reading. Holding the button for 3 seconds will begin the laser rangefinder’s scanning mode for 40 seconds that will tell you the range up to 70 yards.

Leupold Vendetta 2 ace

The Vendetta 2 will give you the range in an instant without having to move your bow away from the target, reducing any unnecessary movements and noise.

Make sure to look at the Vendetta 2 owner’s manual here for a complete look at its features and capabilities.  One CR2 Lithium battery is needed to power the device.



Bresser Ambition Rangefinder

Model: Bresser Ambition
Range: 100 Yards

For those of you archers that don’t want to spend too much money on a rangefinder for your bow, I recommend looking at the Bresser Ambition Rangefinder.

You may even want to consider purchasing this rangefinder first before investing into the Garmin Xero or IQ Define.

This way, you can get a first-hand experience and practice of rangefinders with your bow before upgrading.

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The Bresser Ambition is a handy rangefinder that you can attach to almost any bow, no matter if it is left or right handed, and it also comes with crossbow mounts allowing you to attach it to most scopes.

Bresser-Bow- Mounted Ambition

The main difference between this bow-mounted rangefinder is that you activate it before going into full draw.  The button is pressed on the rangefinder itself rather than a button you can place onto your handle.

One press of this button will activate the rangefinder’s scanner for up to 1 to 10 minutes and up to 100 yards in distance.

Make sure to watch this helpful video that goes over the features, installation, and alignment of the Bresser Ambition Rangefinder.  It also comes with CR2 lithium batteries included.



Why Should I Use Bow Sights With Rangefinders?

It really depends on your personal preference on whether or not to use a rangefinder with your bow sight.

Some of us may not be that good at estimating distance, especially beginner archers.  Any bowhunter will tell you that rangefinders are one of the most important pieces of archery equipment.

Why use bow sights with rangefinder?

Improperly judging your range is one of the most common causes for missing your target or even unintentionally harming the animal inhumanely.

Using bow sights with a rangefinder attached can also reduce the need to make any extra unnecessary movements that can alert your target.

Quick Bow Sights With Rangefinder Tips & Safety

  • Always keep your bow safely pointed away from you or others!

  • Always follow all archery rules and restrictions of any archery range or hunting area.

  • Apart from the Bresser Ambition, these bow sights with rangefinders need to be at full draw before you press the button to activate it.

  • If your other attachments are in the way of the rangefinder, consider using a conversion bracket to give you extra room.

  • The owner’s manual is very helpful!  It tells you everything about the rangefinder and exactly how to calibrate your pins with the laser.

  • Read our quick guide on how to sight-in your bow sight if you are new to archery attachments.

  • You’ll need CR2 Lithium batteries for all of these bow sights with rangefinders except for the the Garmin Xero A1 which requires two AAA batteries.

Conclusion To: Modern Bow Sights With Rangefinder Capabilities

It is very important to check your state or country’s regulation as some laws prohibit the use of battery operated bow sights.  Many archery competitions prohibit the use of rangefinders, as well.

I personally like to use them at practice archery ranges and it always looks cool with my collection of archery gear.

leupold vendetta 2 display

Bow sights with rangefinder capabilities are only the beginning of archery innovation in the modern age.  Expect more versatile, cooler-designed bow sights to come!

We hope you’ve learned something new and have also helped you choose the right bow sight with rangefinder for you!  Check out our Archery Shop for more gear and follow us on Pinterest!