What Is The Bow Wrist Sling’s Purpose?

Do you know what is the bow wrist sling‘s purpose?  Many beginners may think the bracelet attached to bows archers wear is just a fashion accessory.  Especially with all of the colorful modern bow wrist sling designs that are out now.

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The bow wrist sling’s purpose is more than just style, it actually keeps the bow from dropping to the ground.  This a lot more important than you may think and many archers can find themselves using the sling incorrectly.

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Why Is The Bow Sling So Important?

It’s very important because it can improve your accuracy.  The sling itself won’t improve your accuracy, but the way you hold the bow will.  The less grip you have on the bow, the less interference from your hand will affect your arrow, improving your groupings.

Without wearing a bow wrist sling, you will automatically hold onto your bow during the draw-cycle as well as after releasing the arrow.  It may be minor, but gripping too tightly onto your bow can cause irregularities with each shot.  So the best way to counter this is to not hold it at all.

Now you may be wondering..

“How am I supposed to shoot a bow without holding it??”

The goal is to grip the bow as lightly as possible during the draw-cycle.  When you are pulling the bowstring, your grip should be at its lightest, basically letting go of the bow.

The force of the bowstring pulling the bow will allow it to firmly stay in your palm.

This is where the bow wrist sling’s purpose shines. Once you release the arrow, the force of the bowstring will cause the bow to move, making it naturally drop out of your bow hand.

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The sling will then perform its function, keeping your bow from falling to the floor so you can immediately be ready for the next arrow.


The Bow Wrist Sling & The Finger Sling

Slings for your bow hand can come in many different types as designers try to improve this simple tool in creative ways.  The right one for you depends on what feels the most comfortable to use. What you will most commonly see are the Wrist Sling and Finger Sling.

The Wrist Sling

The bow wrist sling is often made with paracord or leather materials and are the most noticeable of the slings, coming in many colors and designs.  You wear it around your wrist and bow’s riser, easily adjusting it comfortably depending on where you attach it to your bow’s riser.

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Make sure the sling isn’t too tight around your wrist as that could also affect your aiming.  There are many cool designs out today, with some slings made to be attached to your bow’s stabilizer.

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Making your own wrist sling is also a popular DIY project using easy to obtain materials like paracord, shrink tape and a hook!

The Finger Sling

The finger sling is a popular choice for many archers simply due to its small size.  It gives an illusion that the sling isn’t even there, but will still do its job.  Also, it’s quite easy to take on and off, with some archers keeping it tied to their bow hand when not practicing.

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You’ll often see people use simple materials like a shoelace or ribbon, but I highly recommend looking into professionally made finger slings as they can feel the most comfortable.

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Here is a quick demonstration on how to fasten a simple finger sling.  Courtesy of NuSensei, check out his archery youtube channel!

Conclusion To: What’s The Bow Wrist Sling’s Purpose?

Relaxation of your bow hand without worrying about dropping your priceless bow is the goal for using any kind of sling.

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This can take a bit of practicing as many beginner archers instinctively try to catch their bow when they think it’s going to fall.  You have to trust the sling to catch it for you.  Try out the different types and designs of bow slings, one kind may work better for you than another!

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