How To Wax A Compound Bow String

Ever wanted to know how to wax a compound bow string?  Make sure not to overlook this crucial part of maintaining your bow and always use high-quality bowstring wax!

You may notice a lot of people, or even stores, unintentionally abuse their bows by incorrectly applying wax to their bow string or not even taking care of their string at all!

The bow string is essential to maintain – if not the most important part of your bow’s maintenance procedure.  Remember, you can’t shoot an arrow without a string and the better kept your string, the better your shot will be!

Maintaining your bow string by waxing it is a lot easier than people think so make sure to not take it for granted by doing it at least once a month!

compound bow shiny

Letting loose arrows on a well-kept bow string not only feels great, but you may even see a noticeable difference in your accuracy and precision.

Careful not to put too much wax!

People may unintentionally overuse the waxing product, not noticing that they are over-applying too much wax onto the string.

A string should only feel a little sticky to the touch.  A sure sign of over-waxing is residue being left on your fingers after touching the string.

Many compound bows in retail stores could either be over-waxed or have unkept strings.

You can tell if a string is over-waxed if there is wax residue in places there shouldn’t be like the cams or rollers.  Another sign can be the darkness of the string where its color design can’t be seen in certain areas due to the wax build-up.

frayed string

You can tell a bow string is under-waxed if the string looks frayed up-close.  This can be very dangerous as the bow string could snap loose while drawing an arrow.  Waxing your bow string helps prevent it from fraying!

My Bow String is Over-Waxed.  What do I do?

Before you know how to wax a compound bow string, it is crucial to know how to remove the old wax first.  Removing the old wax helps prevent the build up of dirt that could dry your string, causing it to fray.

nylon string

An easy way to do this is to take nylon string – some examples lying around your house could be fishing string, dental floss, or even guitar string.

  1. Wrap it one time around the bow string near the top axle.
  2. Hold the nylon taut as you pull it down.  It is VERY important you pull the nylon string slowly or you could risk melting your bow string.
  3. The nylon string will begin scraping the old wax away from your bow string.
  4. Brushing off your bow string afterwards with your fingers or a brush can further remove excess wax.

You will see a noticeable difference by the more vibrant colors of your bow string after removing the old wax!

Now that we have removed the old wax, we can now begin to properly apply the new wax.

Avoid Getting Wax on Your Servings

It is very important to keep in mind not to put wax on your servings!  For those of you that do not know what servings are, they are the material, usually black in color, wrapped around certain parts of the bow string to help prevent abrasion.

Wax on your servings makes it easier for dirt and debris to catch on the wax and that will wear your string out faster.  The cleaner they are, the less debris will get caught in your cams and cable slides.

easy wax

Also avoid getting wax on the D-loop if you have one, that is the middle part of your bow string where the arrow is nocked.  It is best to keep in mind to only wax the exposed surfaces of your bow string.

How to Wax a Compound Bow String the Easy Way

It doesn’t take much when re-waxing your string!

  1. Simply run your new waxing substance lightly on the bow string, making sure not to over-do it.
  2. Once you have a light amount of wax coated on, you are ready to rub it into the string.
  3. It is recommended that you use your fingers to apply the wax into the string.  The reason for this is because you can feel the temperature rising between your fingers, melting the wax into the fibers of your string.  If you were to use leather to rub the wax in, the string could get very hot and risk being damaged.

A good wax product for your bow strings could either be TopArchery or Bohning Tex-Tite bow string wax.  With Tex-Tite using a natural form of wax while TopArchery’s wax is silicone based.

How Often Should I Wax My Bow String?

After learning how to wax a compound bow string, you maybe be wondering how often it should be done.

It isn’t necessary to wax your bow string after every use, in fact that could lead to over-waxing.  It truly depends on how often you use your bow and the conditions it is kept in.

After several uses you can typically feel when it is the right time for another waxing.  Otherwise, there can be special occasions where applying new wax is a good idea.

  • It is definitely a good idea and highly recommended to wax your newly installed bow strings.
  • Before traveling in wet conditions and weather.  Waxing your bow keeps it a bit more waterproof if you plan on exploring the wetlands on a rainy day.
  • You can find yourself re-waxing more frequently during the hunting seasons with the trees and briers brushing against your string.
  • When your string feels dry and you can see small pieces of the bow string’s fibers fraying.  If this is the case for your string, you can skip removing any old wax as the removal process could fray your string even more.

Keep a schedule maintaining your compound bow and make sure that waxing the bow string is one of the top priorities!  If it’s been months, or even if you just got new strings, take out that bow wax product and follow the steps I’ve given you.

compound bow gif

You can avoid this with a well-kept bow!

Remember not to over-wax your string!  Over-waxing attracts dirt and dust which is similar to sandpaper on your cable slides and rollers.

Here are a few of the best brands of bow strings if you are planning to put new ones on soon.

Treating your bow string correctly keeps your bow happy!  And a happy bow gives you reliable shots!